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Bio-Snail Repair Serum EX

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Bio-Snail Repair Serum EX

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Bio Snail repairs to reveal smooth and supple skin

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Keeps Skin Smooth & Flawless

Skin is constantly exposed to external aggressors, which can cause skin to become dry and rough along with the appearance of blemishes. Skin needs to be well-moisturised and protected to maintain a smooth and flawless complexion.
Bio-Snail Repair Serum EX is infused with Bio Energy Complex™ to help enhance skin’s repairing process. The formula also contains Snail Extract, which helps to smoothen out skin roughness and fade pimple marks and scars for a flawless complexion. The moisturizing properties found in White Fungus also help to keep skin moisturized and supple throughout.

•Infused with Bio Energy Complex™ to help enhance skin’s repairing process for clear, flawless skin.
•Enriched with Snail Extract to help fade pimple marks and scars, and smoothen out skin roughness.
•Contains a moisturizing ingredient, White Fungus, to keep skin moisturized and restore skin’s vitality.
•Skin feels moisturized and supple to the touch.

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