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Ebene Bio Ray Ankle Guard (Pair)


Ebene Bio Ray Ankle Guard (Pair)

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Relieves Ankle and Heel Pain

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Relieves Ankle and Heel Pain

Product Efficacies:
EBENE Bio-Ray Ankle Guard contains Bio-Ray Energy ingredients which can emit Bio-Ray Energy that penetrates deeply into the muscle (30mm) to stimulate the circulation of oxygen and blood, thus enhancing supply of nutrients to strengthen the ankle joint and soft disc.

Efficacies Includes:

  • Promoting blood and oxygen circulation in ankles, heels and soles
  • Helping to promote supply of nutrients to ankles to strengthen the bone and soft disc
  • Providing support to ankles to prevent injuries and old injuries from resurfacing during exercise
  • Helping to eliminate uric acid and relieve pain caused by uric acid
  • Relieving swollen ankles and muscle aches after exercise

To be worn for as many hours as possible.

Recommended for people who:

  1. Have joint pain, especially the elderly
  2. Athletes and people who exercise to protect the ankles to prevent injuries and old injuries from resurfacing, and relieve foot fatigue after exercise
  3. Stand on their feet for long hours, to improve blood and oxygen circulation
  4. Travel for long hours

General Sizing Guidelines:
S: 18.0-20.5cm
M: 20.6-21.5cm
L: 21.6-23.0cm
XL: 23.1-25.5cm

How to determine your size:
Measure circumference of lower calf, 2 inches above ankle. Suitable for men and women.

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S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large)

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